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Sodium Hyaluronate

Herbal Extract
Рус: Гиалуронат натрия
Lat: ---

Part used: Biomass
Sodium hyaluronate powder 90%

Sodium hyaluronate is a natrium salt of hyaluronic acid extracted using the biotechnological method. It is a white powder; the sodium hyaluronate content is no less than 90%; the molecular weight is no less than 1.05 х 106 Da. Loss of mass during drying is no more than 10%. The powder possesses good water solubility, forming a viscous, colourless, slightly opalescent gel; рН 6,0-7,5 (0,1% solution).
Active components:
Natrium salt of hyaluronic acid.
In its activity sodium hyaluronate is very similar to hyaluronic acid; it promotes the regeneration of tissues without the formation of scars; it makes the skin soft and smooth; it stimulates cellular migration and proliferation.
Sodium hyaluronate possesses pronounced moisturizing properties and forms a permanent, moisturizing film; it’s used in concentrations from 0,01% to 0,5%; it is used as a moisturizing, protective and gelling component in cosmetics. Sodium hyaluronate is used in high-quality moisturizing creams, lipsticks, lip balms, anticellulite preparations, eye gels, after sun lotions, anti-inflammatory lotions, wound healing and sunscreen creams.
INCI: sodium hyaluronate.

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