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Рус: Лютеин
Lat: Tagetes erecta L.

Part used: Flower
Microcapsules (polymeric coating of the labile substances)
Lutein content is no less than 10%

Dark microcapsules of deer color with white speckles received by method of micro-encapsulation of thick marigold extract (oleoresin).
Active components:
Lutein and concomitant oxycarotinoids (zeaxanthin and astaxanthin).
Oxycarotinoids possess antioxidant activity, eliminate and prevent the formation of peroxide compounds and free radicals accumulated in the organism. In the process of microsomal oxidation in the liver approximately 50% of oxycarotinoids are transformed into Vitamin A which promotes the formation of light-sensitive chromatophore. Lutein and zeaxanthin protect the crystalline lens against the age-dependent induration and cataract formation. Yellow spot contains lutein and zeaxanthin which perform the role of the natural filter of potentially phototoxic blue light and ultraviolet thus preventing the formation of free radicals under the influence of radiation.
Prevention and treatment of pathologic processes of retina, myopia, twilight vision impairment, pathology of central vision, cataract prevention.
Biologically Active Supplements
In the form of mono-preparation and as a component of multicomponent biologically active additives used for the prophylaxis and complex therapy of different visual impairments.

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Biologically Active Supplements
Food Industry
Veterinary Medicine
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