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Grape P.E.

Herbal Extract
Рус: Виноград
Lat: Vitis vinifera

Part used: Seed + Peel + Crest
Dry grape seed extract - 95%; 30% (ОРС)
Dry grape bunch stem extract - 0,3% (flavonol glycosides)

The extract is derived from the bunch stems or seeds of grapes, Vitis Vinifera L. (Vitaceae), using the aqueous-alcoholic extraction method followed by concentration and drying. The result is a reddish-brown powder with a characteristic odour and taste. The grape bunch stems are the fruit stalks which are separated from the grapes during wine production. They are dried at 40–500 С until 10-15% humidity is reached, and ground.
Active components:
Oligoprotocyanidines (ОРС), flavonoids, organic acids, carbohydrates.
Antioxidant, P-vitamin, astringent, capillary strengthening, anti-inflammatory.
Malnutrition, dysbolism, anaemia, nervous exhaustion, nephritis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (functional neurosis with acidity, hyperkinetic and hypokinetic constipation), chronic bronchitis, as a tonic in cases of tuberculosis.
Biologically Active Supplements
A source of bioflavonoids possessing P-vitamin properties; capillary strengthening.
Food Industry
Production of soft drinks and tonics, dairy produce and juice-containing drinks, spirit-based drinks, confectionery, used in the baking industry.
Dermatitis, for healing septic wounds and ulcers; possesses restorative and rejuvenating properties for any skin type; allergic diseases of the skin, as a component of cosmetic preparations for dry skin, wrinkles and cellulite.
INCI: vitis vinifera.

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Biologically Active Supplements
Food Industry
Veterinary Medicine
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