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Pineapple P.E.

Herbal Extract
Рус: Ананас
Lat: Ananas comosus

Part used: Fruit
Specifications: Dry extract, organic acids content is no less than 1%

Light powder with fawn color and characteristic odor and taste, received from the dried stems and crude fruit Ananas comosus (L.) using the method of water extraction. Pineapple is a perennial herbaceous fruit plant (fam. Bromeliaceae). It’s native to the semiarid regions of South America and Brazil, where this perennial plant grows wild. Pineapple cultivation for a long time has been mastered by people of Central America. Now it’s widely cultivated in the countries of Southeast Asia and India. Pineapple fruits can reach weight of 5 kg and represent berries with juicy sweet-sour pulp of yellow color.
Active components:
Dry pineapple extract contains organic acids, mostly citric, malic and ascorbic acids, sugars, nitrogenous matters, potassium salt, proteolytic enzymes such as bromeline, vitamin B complex, iron, copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium, manganese and iodine.
Anti-inflammatory, anti-edema action, digestion process normalization, proteolytic activity, wound-healing action at external use.
Possible application as anti-inflammatory, improving digestion, mild diuretic and cholagogue agent. At local administration bromeline promotes wounds cleansing and increases its healing.
Biologically Active Supplements
Digestion process normalization; as a component of BAA for those who control body weight.
Food Industry
It’s used in foodstuffs for the purpose of antioxidant and useful properties improvement; as a source of organic acids.
As a component of the weight loss medications and different detoxifying complexes; local administration as soft exfoliating agent (enzyme peeling).
INCI: Ananas Sativus (Pineapple) Fruit

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Biologically Active Supplements
Food Industry
Veterinary Medicine
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