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Dandelion P.E.

Herbal Extract
Рус: Одуванчик
Lat: Taraxacum officinale Wed.

Part used: Root
Dry extract (5:1)
Dry extract (10:1)
Dry extract, insulin content is no less than 40%

Yellow-brownish powder with faint grassy odor, received from the dried and concentrated roots of perennial plant Taraxacum officinale Wed., (fam. Asteraceae) using the method of water extraction with the following purification, concentration and drying. To receive 1 kg of natural dry extract they use 5 kg (5:1) or 10 kg (10:1) of dandelion root. There’s also standardized dry dandelion extract with insulin content no less than 40%.
Active components:
It contains bitters of glycoside origin (taraxacin and taraxacirin), triterpene compounds of basically spirit origin as well as sitosterol and sigmasterol, polysaccharides (generally insulin).
Anti-inflammatory, antiviral, fungicidal activity, appetite stimulation due to bitter glycosides.
Dandelion dry extract is applied at eczema, furunculosis, skin diseases, adenitis; prophylaxis of general atherosclerosis; as bitter substance, stimulates salivation and secretion of digestive glands, etc. Some clinical studies have shown dandelion effectiveness at the treatment of viral hepatitis.
Biologically Active Supplements
It’s used as an agent stimulating bile flow, diuresis and appetite.
Food Industry
Possible application as a dietary supplement at the functional food production.
It’s used as a component of various cosmetic means (balms, masks, creams, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, etc.) for normal, dry and ageing skin, for the whitening of freckles, pigment spots, pimples; in the cosmetic for dry and split hair; for the cure of callus; at burns and insect bites, skin irritation.
INCI: taraxacum officinale.
Veterinary Medicine
At atherosclerosis, subacid gastritis, chronic constipation, cholecystitis, reduced galactopoiesis, furunculosis, etc.

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Biologically Active Supplements
Food Industry
Veterinary Medicine
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