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Burdock root P.E.

Herbal Extract
Рус: Лопух
Lat: Arctium lappa L.

Part used: Root
Dry extract (4:1) or (10:1)
Dry extract with insulin content no less than 40%

Yellow-brownish powder with faint grassy odor, received from the roots of biennial herbaceous plant Arctium lappa L., (fam. Asteraceae or Compositae) using the method of water extraction with the following purification, concentration and drying. To receive 1 kg of natural dry extract they use 4 kg (4:1) or 10 kg (10:1) of durdock root. There’s also standardized dry burdock extract with insulin content no less than 40%.
Active components:
Polysaccharide insulin is the main active component; it also contains sterols (sitosterol, sigmasterol), carbohydrates, palmitic acid and stearic acid.
Diuretic action, anti-inflammatory action.
It’s used at podagra and rheumatism, furunculosis, chronic eczema, scrofuloderma, mucositis, itching, nettle rush, dermatoses, seborrhea, etc.
Biologically Active Supplements
It’s used for the prophylaxis and complex treatment of the following diseases: pancreatic diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases (hepatitis, chronic pancreatitis, gastritis, peptic ulcer), intoxications; infectious diseases; obesity and atherosclerosis; podagra and urolithiasis; rheumatism; dermatopathia; oncology; alopecia (external).
Food Industry
Possible application as a dietary supplement at the functional food production.
It’s used as a component of various cosmetic means (balms, masks, creams, shampoos, etc.) for hair strengthening, at dandruff and seborrhea oleosa, alopecia and poliosis, at problem skin, acne, etc.
INCI: arctium majus.
Veterinary Medicine
At nephritis, cholelithiasis and urolithiasis, inflammation of the mucous coat of stomach and large intestine, eczema, furunculosis, long-healing wounds, skin itch.

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Biologically Active Supplements
Food Industry
Veterinary Medicine
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